Technical solutions for each project

The basis for each project is clear and well-prepared technical solutions. For all these technical proposals of formwork assemblies, AUTOCAD software system and special software GRAFSYSTEM are used. GRAFSYSTEM was developed by Ulma Construccion and offers processing solutions using any product from the catalogue. It allows quickly and easily get assembly plans and a detailed list of materials needed for each project. With this software we are able to deliver all implementation or assembly drawings for formwork, scaffolding and support systems in high-quality. To all projects can also add static assessment.

Logistical service

The creating of the perfect concrete surfaces is possible only with perfectly clean formwork. Therefore immediately after the deliver the material into the warehouse, it is checked and possibly cleaned and repaired, not only for their reusing, but also in order to maintain its quality and durability.

To provide best quality services, it needs to be complied with all terms of the logistic department. In all our stores the ordered formwork, scaffolding or trench shoring systems are loaded or received according to a predetermined time schedule.

At present time, our company does not own any means of transport. But thanks to the cooperation with external truckers we can provide transportation and material on and from construction site.

One of the services that we offer is a pre-assembly, assembly and disassembly of our systems. Our dedicated and experienced teams are available on customer request. Customer benefits are obvious - in the case of pre-assembly is not need so much space on the construction site, in this case a customer can be sure that our compiled systems are assembly and disassembly quickly and correctly.

Special production

When solving the complex projects, there is usually need for the production of special steel or wooden formwork elements.  Thanks to excellent cooperation with external suppliers, we can produce all of the atypical specials for formwork and also special carpentry construction in required time.

Training and courses

Ulma Construcción business strategy is focused on a model of teamwork. This contributes to the progress of society through support of educational activities that stimulate the human and professional growth of all employees. The expertise our employees provide to customers, not just on construction sites but also through organized courses and training.