Krings Sheet pile element KKP

The Krings piling frame plate system is used for reliable guidance of trench sheets or light sheet piles during installation. After lifting the box into the pre-excavated trench the excavator inserts the sheets into the guide sections of the plates and starts excavating. Replaceable guides make it possible to use trench sheets of different widths and heights. It is a fast and cost saving method and a practical and necessary addition to the use of large area steel shoring systems in urban areas where frequent crossing services are present.

As the trench excavation process proceeds trench sheets are pushed down by the excavator bucket until the final trench depth is reached. Alternatively, the sheets can be driven by a small hydraulic vibrator which allows to install the sheets well below the final pipe level.

This proven shoring system enables the otherwise difficult problems associated with crossing utility lines in urban areas to be efficiently overcome. A highly capable shoring system in its own right, or when integrated as part of a larger Krings shoring system, the Krings piling frame plate shoring system represents a cost effective, flexible and practical solution to shoring problems. 

Shoring length: 2,83 m - 4,07 m
Height base unit: 0,48 m / 1,00 m
Number of sheet piles: 14 pcs. KD 4 / KD 6
Pipe culvert length: max. 3,65 m
Shoring depth: max. 2,30 m / 6,00 m