Pipe horizontal diode laser with integrated battery.

QL 150 HD can be used in direct sunlight, its performance is 3.5 times higher than the QL 150 D. Lasers are protected against impact, the housing is water- and dust-proof, aluminum housing that protects the contacts from corrosion. The quality also contributes to long life red diode and stability settings. The laser is able to hold the last value of the deviation. 4 rubber dampers are able to completely stabilize the laser even in plastic pipes. The housing is compact (with built-in control panel) and also includes a carrying handle.

Power: laser class 3R, diode 635 nm.
Accuracy at slope 0%: +/- 2 mm/100 m
Setting range of line: +/- 4°
Slope: - 15%/+35%.
Fully automatic compensation
Temperature range: : -20° / +45°C
Battery:  NiCd
Operating range: 30 h
Dimension – length: 315 mm with handle
Weight: 4,2 kg
Distance range of remote control: 100 m