2011 - VZT Blanka - SO 07



Project technical features
Height 8m
Lenght of one concreting section 6m
Wall thickness 30cm

Execution period: 09/2011-11/2011

Contractor: METROSTAV a.s., divize 5

Subject of supply:
Mobile wall formwork(h= 8m, l=6.125m – compound of two mobile forms)

Utilized system:
Meccano, Omega – wooden envelope

Project descritpion:
For the realization of ventilation tunnels there is need to build the additional construction, in this case the wall in the middle, which divides the tunnel into two parts, where in the future will flow, by one side fresh air into main automobile tunnels, and by second side exhaust fumes out of them. Ulma Construcción CZ supplied to a customer mobile wall formwork, compound of two mobile formworks length of 3m, so it could be realized the section, where the middle wall copied the direction of tunnel axis curving into entry with engineering ventilation centre. The specific thing of this mobile formwork was its equipment with hydraulic system of tilt system including the compression adjustable spindles, which contributes the striking of this 8m high formwork. The customer request was to deliver the formwork resistable the fresh concrete pressure of 100 kN/m2, this was allowed thanks to modular system Meccano – system, which allows construct the strong customized formwork by changing its elements configuration.

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