2011 - VZT Blanka - SO 03



Project technical features
Height 4,37m
Lenght 120m

Execution period: 10/2011-12/2011

Contractor: METROSTAV a.s., divize 5

Subject of supply:
Tunnel form for the straight part with steel envelope (h= 4,735m, l=6m) added by hydraulic system of lifting and lowering + tunnel form for the turn with wooden envelope 2x (h= 4,734 m, l=6m)

Utilized system:
Meccano, Omega, steel envelope thickness of 5 mm, turn – wooden envelope

Project description:
For link-up to tunnel starting segment was used tunnel form, which was used before for the realization the starting segment with face wall. Ulma Construción CZ added next same tunnel form and this combination of same tunnel forms allowed realizing the formwork of the curved section. Because of the technology pause in this tunnel, later Ulma Construcción CZ supplied a new tunnel form for the straight section with steel envelope and hydraulic lifting and lowering system.

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