ULMA Construcción SP

The company Ulma Construcción operates in the formwork, scaffolding and support structures since 1961, so more than 50 years. As Ulma Construccion we design and manufacture our own products, which are designed primarily for rent and sale. At the same time we provide assembly and consultancy in the branch of formwork, scaffolding, trench shoring and support structures. The company headquarters is located in Spain in the city of Oñate. Here also is one of Europe's largest manufacturing complexes for this range. Ulma Construccion works with their products in many countries - Spain, Portugal, France, Netherland, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, USA, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Poland, Slovak Republic and other countries, of course, in Czech Republic.

Ulma Construccion is the part of the multinational corporation "Ulma GROUP". Individual divisions specialize in various sectors of business, from production greenhouses, to machinery and equipment for industrial packaging, but all divisions cooperate with each other internally. The key branches of the business division of Ulma Construccion, are temporary constructions and technology for buliding and industrial sector. In particular formwork, scaffolding, support and trench shoring systems. Transnational corporation „Ulma GROUP“ is part of " MONDRAGON CORPORATION," which is the seventh largest company in Spain.